We prove it before you commit

Let's begin with a pilot campaign. 

Optimize campaigns to real pipeline

Automatically optimize hundreds of account-based marketing campaigns across paid media using CRM pipeline data. Watch CPLs drop and your conversion rates climb. 


Burning Questions Expert Panel: Demand Gen and RevTech

Facilitator Sara McNamara, Panelists Jill Rowley, Adam Schoenfeld, and Guillaume Cabane

Metadata's AI creates a custom, closed-loop demand generation engine

Constantly experiment by executing many campaign combinations and follow them through

Why should I care?

Targeted advertising and outbound emails are a proven method that results in a surge of net-new, inbound leads from target accounts, or renewed attention of an existing prospect who’s ignoring your emails. Check out case studies for some of the proof, or speak to an existing customer.

It's not easy to do it right

But setting up an effective digital marketing operation can be a slow, costly and complex process for B2B teams. 

The personnel required to run all the technical, repetitive mundane tasks one has to follow for an effective agile campaign execution is time-consuming and frustrating to humans. But AI can execute fast, accurately and guarantee all tasks are done, including extensive A/B testing, varying the target persona, time of day, and digital content mix until you achieve statistical optimization. 


Check out below how quickly Metadata can spin-off targeted ads, or email campaigns that are timeline (moment of interest), targeted (personalized content) and multi-channel.

Multivariate Benefits

Optimizing campaigns based on pipeline impact and marketing qualified leads (vs. vanity metrics such as impressions/clicks).

Truly taking advantage of your entire digital marketing mix (copy, collateral, creative, audiences, channels, campaign types etc) and testing out the entire scope, optimizing on the top 5%.

Put pipeline generation
on auto-pilot

Ads are executed at scale & self-optimized based on pipeline data from SFDC


Connect Salesforce, Marketo, and watch your TAM (total addressable market) unfold all the way to the persona-level


Verify target accounts and buyer personas. Allocate budget and select channels, then turn on auto-pilot to begin execution. Set desired velocity/quality balance. 


Find best combinations
Optimize for MQL and pipeline
Activate accounts

How Metadata works


"Using the Metadata.io Automatic Account-Based Advertising Solution,

we were able to run over 10,000 Ad combinations in 2018, optimize our campaign performance, and improve our return on ad spend."

Gleb Brichko

VP Growth and Demand Marketing

Customers winning with Metadata