The Struggle

Online advertising has become an increasingly more important component of a healthy B2B marketing mix. It can result in a surge of net-new, inbound leads from target accounts, or renewed attention of an existing prospect who’s ignoring your emails.

But setting up an effective advertising operation can be a slow, costly and complex process for B2B teams. Siloed tools, systems integration, and personnel required in the process can lead to poor, frustrating results for many companies.

The key to an effective Ad Operations strategy involves extensive a/b testing, varying the target persona, time of day, and digital content mix until you achieve statistical optimization. The A/B testing process is too slow, not thorough enough, and does not scale.

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Using the Automatic Account-Based Advertising Solution, we were able to run over 10,000 ad combinations in 2018, optimize our campaign performance, and improve our return on ad spend.

Gleb Brichko, VP Growth and Demand Marketing

Introducing: Automatic Account-based Advertising

How It Works


Learn from the past

  • Connect Salesforce, Marketo
  • Let learn
  • Discover your TAM*
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Accounts and people

  • Select new target accounts
  • Use tech stack & intent data
  • Preview target pre-advertising
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the AI Operator

  • Audience on-boarding
  • Ad placement and bids
  • Automatically experiment
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with Machine Learning

  • Find best combinations
  • Optimize for MQL and pipeline
  • Activate accounts
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Our customers

The Metadata process has allowed us to focus on more value-added activities without having to worry about manually managing budgets, optimizing ads, and creating campaigns that generate qualified leads.

Kim Loughead, VP of Marketing

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