How It Works

  • Reverse Engineers
    Your Ideal Buyer

    • Connect your CRM
    • Enrich and score buyers
    • Profile buyer personas
  • Target

    • Determine target accounts
    • Determine ideal personas
    • Generate lookalike audiences
  • Promotes Ads Across
    Multiple Channels

    • Serve ads to lookalike targets wherever they go
    • Integrate your marketing automation systems
    • 100% Opt-in leads
  • Optimizes Campaigns
    Using Machine Learning

    • Track Performance
    • Automatically adjust bids, placements, etc.

"I have run paid social ads on my own. However, both lead quality and quantity was a challenge and I looked for a solution to help me target better and reach the right audience. Metadata is that solution."

Gonzalo Mannucci
Director of Demand Gen at

Existing Solutions

More than 98% of Leads are Unproductive

Account Based Marketing is a broken process

  • Many solutions create silos and disconnected flows that are hard to optimize
  • Other ABM solutions lack buying personas so target everyone within an account
  • You pay for ads to people who will never buy anything
  • Sales wades through dozens of unproductive leads

The Metadata Platform

Delivers a Complete, Unified Solution for ABM

The Result?

Strong boost in pipeline creation, and a 50% or more increase in lead opportunity conversion.

"Metadata started to show a positive ROI within months of the engagement."

Gaurav Saini
Director of Growth & Acquisition at