How It Works

  • Discover your Ideal Customer

    • Connect your CRM
    • Enrich and score buyers
    • Profile buyer personas
  • Target Lookalikes

    • Determine target accounts
    • Determine ideal personas
    • Generate lookalike audiences
  • Engage the AI Operator

    • Conduct 100X multivariate tests
    • Serve ads to the right people, at the right time, in the right place
    • Automatically adjust bids, placements, etc.
  • Optimize with Machine Learning

    • Automatically adjust bids, offers, and placements
    • Optimize for MQLs, SQLs, CPL and pipeline creation
    • Increase conversions and account penetration

Streamline & Scale Demand Generation

CMOs have too many siloed solutions, and demand generation is as difficult as ever. Metadata streamlines demand generation by first plugging into existing marketing automation systems like HubSpot, Marketo, Eloqua and Pardot.

Then, like an army of super-smart interns, Metadata’s patented AI Operator takes over, automating manual tasks and providing CMOs with 100X the capacity to conduct multivariate offer and channel experiments against target account contacts. This in turn accelerates existing opportunities, and creates a predictable and scalable lead flow.

We now have a predictable pipeline on autopilot.”
Vernon Vasue, Co-Founder ReFUEL4
Vernon Vasue, Co-Founder ReFUEL4 Logo

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