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45% Reduced Cost Per Lead
51% Target Accounts in Two Weeks
3.2x Qualified signups generated
3x Opportunities in 3 weeks

Increase Your Numbers With Metadata

Acquiring new customers is costly and ineffective

Doing It Alone
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With Metadata
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Plug your marketing automation system, and metadata produces look-alike prospects from existing customers, instantly


Case Study - How this Technical Startup Got 33% of Its Dream Accounts to Attend Its Webinar

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How Does It Work?


Connect your Salesforce account to automatically enrich existing leads or import your leads emails


Metadata will append your emails with 3rd party data, generate a buyer profile and produce look-alike prospects


Watch a surge of new prospects download your ebooks, attend your webinars and buy your product

Schedule campaign amplification to selected audience
Get full profile information for every incoming signup
Auto-Generate Buyer and User Personas
Access a database of 50M+ new prospects
Segment prospects by industry, job, technology stack, interests and more
Watch new signups come in and generate qualified pipeline
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Metadata flips the funnel by only targeting people that fit your sales criteria, so you focus on qualified prospects and avoid tire-kickers and other unqualified leads
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Growth With Metadata

Hyper-growth Fintech Startup Triples Customer Acquisition in Six Weeks

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Target Persona Discovery

Discover over 150 public and private signals about your prospects and identify the common patterns

Targeted Marketing

Generate a constant flow of opt-in, qualified prospects who fit your sales criteria filter

Targeting Criteria

Automatically generate user personas' criteria for laser-focused targeting

Lookalike Prospects

Connect your Salesforce account and watch Metadata produce a new set of look-alike targets

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