The Team

A solid group of marketers and artificial intelligence nerds, the Metadata team is passionate about optimizing and automating the entire process of demand generation and digital marketing for B2B enterprises.

Photo of Gil



A.I. and robotics software engineer turned B2B growth marketer

Photo of Moran Altarac

Moran Altarac

COO, Co-Founder

Serial Entrepreneur. Recently started and sold a CRM services company, ran customer success/support teams

Photo of George Serebrennikov

George Serebrennikov

Interim CTO

George has over 20 years of experience in different leading technical roles. From vast experience working with startups to leading the entire Engineering team in Enterprise level organizations.

Photo of Emily Hoang

Emily Hoang

VP of Engineering

Emily is joining with over 10 years of experience in different development positions. Emily is leading the development team and's self-service platform.

Photo of Chris Schaefer

Chris Schaefer

Director of Customer Success

Chris is joining with experience in account management and marketing industry expertise, Chris brings experience in making sure that clients are successful.

Photo of Pranav Shenoy

Pranav Shenoy

Customer Success Manager

Pranav joined with an agency background and a Bachelors in Computer Science Engineering and Masters in Integrated Marketing Communication.

Photo of Logan Neveau

Logan Neveau

Senior Account Executive

Logan joins with a track record of success and experience in building and scaling customer-centric sales teams.

Photo of Peter Tarrant

Peter Tarrant

Product Manager

Peter joined the Metadata family equipped with many years of Account Management experience in the digital advertising space. He recently received a Strategic Design MBA degree from Philadelphia University before relocating to San Francisco.

Photo of Cassius Carvalho

Cassius Carvalho

Ad Operations Manager

Cássius joined as a participant in an elite educational and professional apprenticeship program called Praxis. Cassius grew with and is now an Ad Operations Manager.

Photo of Lance Gonzalez

Lance Gonzalez

Account Executive

Lance joins with experience in growing business through partnerships and direct to customer relationships for SaaS technologies.

Photo of Haidee Pencerga

Haidee Pencerga

Research Analyst

Haidee is a research analyst at Metadata, helping to categorize and normalize the vast amount data our platform generates.

Photo of Prithvi Sathiya

Prithvi Sathiya

Software Engineer

Prithvi is a UCSB Graduate. He is joining to help build our amazing platform. He is also looking to contribute to society's pressing issues including Space exploration, Education, and Sustainable Energy

Photo of Carmen Cruz

Carmen Cruz

Customer Support

Carmen is bringing over 15 years of Customer Service and management background to Metadata. Carmen is a Certified Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Administrator.

Photo of Kelev


Silicon Valley Dog

Kelev is a mutt, former stray – now a full-fledged Silicon Valley dog.

Development Team

Photo of Serge Nikolaew

Serge Nikolaew

Photo of Serge Prihodko

Serge Prihodko

Photo of Serge Dreger

Serge Dreger

Photo of Yuriy Grushevoy

Yuriy Grushevoy

Photo of Katia Melnykova

Katia Melnykova

Photo of Evgenij Shevchenko

Evgenij Shevchenko

Photo of Bohdan Usatov

Bohdan Usatov

Photo of Slava Polulyakh

Slava Polulyakh

Photo of Andrii Babchynetskyi

Andrii Babchynetskyi

Advisory Board

Photo of Travis May

Travis May

CEO Liveramp

Photo of Mike Telem

Mike Telem

VP Marketing, Marketo

Photo of Bill Portelli

Bill Portelli

Serial Entrepreneur

Photo of Mickey Alon

Mickey Alon

Former EVP, Marketo

Photo of Ravi Belani

Ravi Belani

Managing Partner, Alchemist

Photo of Liz Yin

Liz Yin

Partner, 500 Startups

Photo of Gary Nakamura

Gary Nakamura

Entrepreneur, Sales Mentor

Photo of Jonathan Buckley

Jonathan Buckley

Interim CMO, The Artesian Network

Photo of Tzali Maimon

Tzali Maimon

Research Scholar

Photo of Feyzi Bagirov

Feyzi Bagirov

Data Science Advisor