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Automated Account-Based Marketing

Say goodbye to manual account-based marketing efforts. Use the B2B marketer's secret for engaging ideal customers and driving predictable pipeline, fast. 

What is Metadata.io?


Connect your ABM tech stack

Before launching your multivariate, account-based marketing campaigns, connect your stack to gather insights. 

We have integrations with CRM (Salesforce) and Marketing Automation tools (Hubspot or Marketo), as well as paid-social ad accounts (Facebook and Linkedin).

Set Demand on Auto-Pilot

Account-based marketing ads are executed at scale & automatically self-optimized based on your pipeline data from Salesforce


Uncover an ideal customer profile

We pour over your CRM data to uncover and visualize your ideal customer profiles. Use your new customer profiles to create account-based marketing segments and personas for scaling highly-targeted advertising campaigns in our platform.


Generate your ABM audience

Metadata provides the deepest and broadest array of account-based targeting options, ensuring highly-effective targeting. 

Create targeted lists of accounts and contacts with enriched information from technology install-base data, buyer intent data, and demographic, firmographic, marketing automation and CRM data sources. 


Launch multivariate ABM campaigns

Let Metadata’s AI operator execute campaigns, so you don’t have to! Freeing your digital advertising resources from manual targeting tasks.

Simply drag and drop your marketing creative (images, headlines), content assets (e.g. eBooks, whitepapers), and the audience segments you created in the platform, and launch hundreds of campaigns at once. Scaling effective reach, quickly.


Take action on engaged leads

The Metadata platform automatically enriches leads before syncing them with your Marketing Automation or CRM Platform, resulting in an optimized lead conversion workflow with high-quality data. As leads come in, take action with quality data and key information for determining the right next step.

Measure Success

Monitor campaign performance based on metrics like pipeline generated or influenced, target-account engagement, existing pipeline impact and more.


We now have a predictable pipeline on autopilot.

Vernon Vasue


Account-Based Marketing Results

Helping B2B marketing leaders achieve amazing results with their ABM advertising efforts.

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