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With Metadata, one marketer can run thousands of campaigns in a matter of hours while testing the entire mix of content (e.g. whitepaper, eBooks), creatives, ad copy and different channel & campaign types.

Without Metadata, this process could take months, followed by the even more time-consuming optimization process.

Metadata dramatically cuts manual labor, improves ad spend efficacy, and automatically eliminates non-performing ad combinations, while funneling more ad spend to placement combinations that generate the most sales pipeline and target account penetration.

Create an Ideal Customer Profile

Discover and visualize your ideal customer profiles based on CRM data, and use them to create lists of target accounts and personas.

Deepest & Broadest Targeting in the Industry

Metadata provides the deepest and broadest array of targeting options on the market today. Create lists of companies and contacts to target using technology install-base data, buyer intent data, and demographic, firmographic, marketing automation and CRM data sources. Once you have selected your target audience, take advantage of Metadata’s unparalleled channels and ad targeting and retargeting options to serve them ads, including IP address, geofencing, and cookies. Metadata can also target based on both professional and personal email address.

Automate Campaign Execution

Let Metadata’s AI operator execute campaigns, so you don’t have to! Simply drag and drop your marketing creative (images, headlines), content assets (e.g. eBooks, whitepapers), and the audience segments you created in the platform, and click Launch to execute hundreds of campaigns at once. No more UTM tags, A/B testing, audience uploading or optimization needed.

Generate Reports on KPIs

Monitor campaign performance based on metrics like pipeline generated, target-account engagement, existing pipeline impact and more.

We now have a predictable pipeline on autopilot.

Vernon Vasue, Co-Founder

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Where are we going? is committed to making the B2B CMO a rock star, by using artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive important business metrics like pipeline and revenue, while eliminating wasteful manual effort in the marketing department. Stay tuned for more AI-driven innovations from Metadata in the months to come.

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"The constant intelligence we get from Metadata helps us be more data-driven, and generate a more predictable flow of leads for the Sales team."

Elias Terman

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