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2020 Outlook for Account-Based Marketing Execution 

What is Metadata?

Put Demand on Auto-Pilot

Account-based marketing ads are executed at scale & automatically self-optimized based on your pipeline data from Salesforce

Build Data-Driven
Ideal Customer Profiles

Discover and visualize your ideal customer profiles based on CRM data, and use them to create lists of target accounts and personas for paid media campaigns.

Launch Hundreds of Paid Advertising Campaigns In Minutes

Let Metadata’s AI operator execute campaigns, so you don’t have to! Automatically create hundreds of experiments to uncover what works and what doesn't based on your CRM data. Efficiently optimize ad spend on campaigns that drive pipeline.

Account-Based Marketing Results

Helping B2B marketing leaders achieve amazing results with their ABM advertising efforts.

How GitPrime Generated $4.2M in Pipeline in 90 Days With Metadata

How Concurrent Got 161 Dream Accounts to Come to Their First Product Demo

How PandaDoc Generated 44 Demo Requests in One Week

"Using the Metadata.io Automatic Account-Based Advertising Solution,

we were able to run over 10,000 Ad combinations in 2018, optimize our campaign performance, and improve our return on ad spend."

Gleb Brichko

VP Growth and Demand Marketing